The Gin & Tonic Menu (25mls)

Tanqueray               A beautifully smooth gin made from picked botanicals £6.00

Hendricks                A refreshing yet smooth gin infused with cucumber and rose petals £6.00

Wicked Wolf          Our stunning aromatic local gin made in the heart of Exmoor using 11 exotic botanicals. £6.20

Full Moon             Sister to Wicked Wolf, limited edition; this gin is silky smooth, mango driven with the zip zap finish of cracked black pepper, astounding   £6.20

Martin Millar.        Citrus & Juniper blended with Icelandic spring water, served with strawberry & cracked black pepper or simply ice and a slice. £6.20

Plymouth     A smooth creamy full bodied gin giving a rich aroma of juniper, coriander and cardamom £6.00

Sipsmith      A classic, dry gin with a zesty citrus finish £6.00

Tarquins    A Cornish dry gin packed with citrus, violet & a touch of spice £6.00

Pink Dog              Hints of rose mixed with subtle citrus & upfront juniper. Full bodied and rounded £6.00

Adnams Copper House     Hibiscus & sweet orange peel enhance the botanicals of this dry gin which is distilled in copper.    £6.00

Whitley Neill  Rhubarb & Ginger, the crisp tartness of rhubarb is balanced by the warmth of ginger for a full bodied finish.     £6.00

Chase Grapefruit & Pomelo,   this gin is crafted by copper stilling with a bounty of pink grapefruit peels and other citrus fruits, then macerating with fresh pink grapefruits.  £6.00

Boe Violet Gin ,  the gin is infused with violets to create Violet Gin. The addition of violets creates a stylish gin with a light, delicate taste and beautiful colour and aroma.  £6.00

Rives Pink Gin.  A Spanish gin, distilled using Columbus botanicals and strawberries    £6.00

 Gordon’s Gin           Classic Dry gin   £4.50

Bombay Sapphire   With fresh citrus and juniper flavours and a spicy finish   £5.00

Seedlip  Non alcoholic Gin,    an aromatic & complex blend of all spice berry, cardamom, bark & citrus peel distillates. £3.70


Fever Tree Tonic water £2.00

Original, made from the highest quality quinine from the ‘fever trees’ (cinchona) of the eastern Congo

Refreshingly light low calorie.

Elderflower infused with elderflower; the delicate sweet flavour of the elderflower is balanced by the bitterness of the quinine.

 Mediterranean, infused with rosemary, thyme and fresh citrus; this is a unique delicate, floral tonic .

 Aromatic, infusing the gentle bitterness of the angustora bark with aromatic botanicals.

Lemon, refreshingly light made with lemons from Sicily tonic water.

Luscombe grapefruit tonic

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